If you are seeking someone who can perform, speak, act, or appear in commercials as Benjamin Franklin, you need look no further. Award winning teacher, actor and Benjamin Franklin scholar Steve Nousen does all of these things and more.
Steve has presented Ben Franklin for audiences ranging in age from 9-90. He has entertained and informed people at conventions, schools, universities, civic groups and has even given talks at the National Geographic Society and the Library of Congress.
All audiences love his interpretation of the life of perhaps our most important Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. For example, in hundreds of program evaluations done for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort, he earned a 5-Star rating from 90% of adult audiences, with another 9% awarding him 4-Stars. The director of the USCB OLLI program wrote to say: "You Rock! I watched those in class mesmerized with your knowledge and style."
Audience comments included:
-- WOW!
-- Steve is superb as Ben Franklin! Please have him come back.
-- Steve has the ability to communicate in the voice of Franklin seamlessly.
-- Incredibly well done. Bravo!

The program director at a Midwestern university said of Steve's interpretation of Ben Franklin, "This guy is the real deal." Steve Nousen has been trained in the storytelling method used at the highly acclaimed Greenville Chautauqua. Using this method the highlight of any Ben Speaks program comes when the audience becomes part of the show. "Dr. Franklin" opens the microphone and engages in a dialogue with those present. Remembering that audiences range in age from 9-90, questions have varied from "What was your greatest accomplishment?" and "Ben, is it true you were quite the ladies man in Paris?" and "What would Ben Franklin and the other Founders think of the way we live today?

Please contact Steve with specific questions.